Story Update
updated July 1,  2007

Hi Everyone,

Things are going great for me.  There are still little blips now and then,
but I feel fantastic and have lots of energy.

I had a bad reaction from some codeine for a cough related to a sinus
infection (I seem to be allergic to it) and that put a strain on me and
kicked my GVHD into action.  I will be on prednisone until October to
get it back in check.  Other than a round face I don't have any side
effects and am continuing on with my active life.

I am enjoying playing with all my grandchildren and getting back to my
machine embroidery and many other crafts.

I have to stay away from digging in my garden until I am off the
prednisone.  This drug is an immune suppressant and that means I
could get an infection easier than normal.  I still enjoying watering and
dead heading all my flowers.  There will be plenty of time to dig in the
dirt after I am off prednisone.

My recovery is truly a miracle to me and my family. I am now over four
and a half years from diagnosis and transplant  and I am back on track
with my life.

Best wishes to all,

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