Who We Are..                                                               

I am a survivor of MDS through a bone marrow transplant in November 2002.  
My husband Peet and I live in Lake Oswego, Oregon, a smaller city next to
larger Portland, Oregon.

After my recovery my husband Peet and I felt a great need to help anyone else
going through a bone marrow transplant.  Our only qualifications were that we
had been there.

I hope in some way my experiences, the patient, and Peet's as a caregiver, will
help you or a loved one push on for the best medical solutions for your

I will try to direct you to the web sites that I used to help  make my decisions
and get the information I needed to feel comfortable that a transplant was what
I wanted and needed.

Every patient has a different story to tell.  We can only tell you ours.  Yours might
be easier or harder, that I don't know.  Some things will be similar: the hope for
the perfect CBC and being told we are cured.

If my story helps only one MDS or bone marrow transplant patient then I will
feel any effort we have made  worth it.

I hope this site will be of some help to you.  Please e-mail us any questions
that you might have, regarding being the patient or the caregiver, that you think
we might be able to help you with.  

Best of luck in your decisions

Aldeane & Peet Sööt