Updated July 16, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry it has taken this long to update my site with my current progress.   It is
hard to believe that I am now 6 years 8 months out from my transplant and
everything is still going great for me.

My bout of GVHD lasted longer than expected. It took a long time to diagnose the
best way to get the GVHD in check.  All seems to be pretty much resolved now.  It
was a severe allergic reaction to Codeine that brought on my GVHD.  My sister’s
stem cells don’t like to be bothered with a big allergic reaction.  They have
settled back down and things are practically back to normal for me.  I had to go
on Prednisone for quite some time, get several infusions of Retuxin and get
physical therapy to get my skin back to normal.  It didn’t really interfere with my
normal activities, except to go to the places for the different appointments.  I felt
fine through the whole recovery.

GVHD can return after a trauma to your body.  For me, it has always been GVHD
of the skin.  As soon as I began the right treatment, my symptoms (an itchy red
rash) disappeared. I continued my normal life while my skin returned to normal.

My family life continues to occupy much of my time.  We now have 12
grandchildren and I was busy making 4 new baby quilts in 4 consecutive months.  
I am now busy embroidering toy box cushions, as we give each of our
grandchildren a toy box on their first birthdays.  Time certainly goes by fast.
I am loving my garden and I am keeping out of the sun (not good for skin GVHD
after a BMT).  I try to garden early in the morning or later in the day.  As long as I
can get out there and play with my flowers I don’t care when it is.

Peet and I are enjoying our lives together, visiting with our children and
grandchildren.  It is hard to believe in 2002 I was told I had 18 months to live
without my Bone Marrow Transplant.  My decision was certainly the right one for

We wish everyone the best of health.   We hope you will contact us, any time, if
you feel that talking to us can ease any concerns you have of what a transplant

Our prayers are with you all.


Aldeane and Peet Sööt
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