Updated July 16, 2011

Hi from both of us,

I noticed,as I was updating this today, that it was exactly 2 years, to the day,since
I updated my site.  No news is good news in my case.

It is over 8 1/2 years since my transplant. I can't believe it.  I am happy to say I
am feeling great and I am doing all the activities I did before my transplant.

Peet and I have been traveling again with trips to Russia and Estonia in 2010
and one to Estonia in 2011.  Peet is Estonian so we get to visit with family when
we travel there.  It has been wonderful to be able to go where I like, but I am
always very careful about keeping things as clean as possible.  My immune
system may be back to normal but I think after a BMT you always have a harder
time fighting things off.  My idea is to not get them in the first place, if possible.

For those of you that aren't quite there, remember, it takes time.  Years for me to
really be back to the full person I was.

I am enjoying my conversations with people that contact me through our web site.
It helps me, as well as them, to talk out concerns and fears regarding your MDS
or a family members MDS. If a Bone Marrow Transplant is recommended it's
helpful to talk to someone who has been through it.

We will continue to be here as long as someone wants to contact us. Please feel
free to do this anytime.

Our prayers are with you all.


Aldeane and Peet Sööt
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